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Let ASDT Get You Back to Business
With over 40 years of helping businesses recover from catastrophic floods, fires, leaks, mold contamination, and more, ASDT knows exactly what professionalism means to our customers.

Our Commercial Damage Recovery


Through our decades-long commitment to serving the hospitality industry, we’ve earned membership in the Greater Nashville Hospitality Association, Hospitality Tennessee, the Rutherford County Hospitality Association, and more.

  • Hotel water damage restoration & fire damage restoration
  • New construction mold protection
  • COVID-19 Disinfection Services
  • Preventative leak detection


When you’ve got large inventories, high foot traffic, and complex shopping spaces to worry about, you need a restoration company you can trust to consider every detail.

  • Retail water damage restoration
  • Retail contents cleaning & removal
  • Shopping center fire cleanup
  • Deodorization & disinfection


As a BBB A+ accredited company, we understand the importance of doing business quickly and correctly. Let us focus on remediation so you can focus on continuity.

  • Water damage restoration for corporate offices
  • Small businesses or large business centers
  • Office water damage insurance assessment
  • Fire damage office cleanup


Manufacturing plants, warehouses, chemical plants, and data centers have massive potential losses during an emergency. ASDT can quickly and accurately take control of even the most complex industrial restoration project.

  • Industrial water damage cleanup
  • Water damage restoration for manufacturers
  • Industrial fire damage restoration
  • Industrial mold testing

Why Choose ASDT for Commercial
Recovery Services

ASDT has worked alongside commercial enterprises since the very beginning, back in the 1970s. Over that time, we’ve not only built up an impressive reputation as a team who gets the job done right—we’ve also kept up with the latest advancements in tools, technology, and testing equipment to ensure that we’re up to any task. From high-rise condominiums to local mom-and-pop shops, ASDT is ready to get you back to business fast, with a total commitment to minimizing your downtime.

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Provide an Initial Consultation

At no cost to your business, we evaluate the extent of the damage and losses, making sure the property is safe and identifying problem areas.

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Prepare a Complete Recovery Plan

ASDT takes a comprehensive loss assessment, evaluating all possible losses. Then, we write and implement a site-specific safety and recovery plan, ensuring the business is safe to reopen as soon as possible with minimal to no closure.

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Mitigate Risks

We’ll make sure the property is completely safe to enter, carefully screen any first responders, managers, subcontractors, and insurance reps, and verify credentials before anyone enters the property.

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Create Estimates & Inventories

We never leave you on your own when it comes to detailing losses to insurance. We create business spreadsheets for your use and the insurance company’s so you can focus on operations.

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Negotiate with Insurance

The insurance recovery process can be devastatingly complex without professionals on your side. We’ll fully detail all losses, dotting all the i’s and crossing all the t’s to ensure you get what you are owed.

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Develop a Presentation Strategy

We’ll make sure you’re aware of all requirements and responsibilities in the insurance process, and help develop an effective presentation strategy.

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Introduce Expert Analysis

Part of the presentation strategy is including expert testimonies from engineers and other industry professionals to support your claim.

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Implement the Recovery Plan

Once we’ve stabilized the property, we can begin the complete property recovery and restoration process using the most advanced equipment and the fastest possible turnaround time.

Call the Damage Recovery Company That Knows the Business

Our goal is always to get you back in business as quickly and safely as possible. Call ASDT now for hotel, retail, office, or industrial disaster recovery services.

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