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Emergency Damage Restoration Services | Brentwood, TN | ASDT - water

Water Damage Restoration

We mitigate the harmful effects of water damage while preventing further complications caused by unexpected events such as storms, floods & broken pipes.

Emergency Damage Restoration Services | Brentwood, TN | ASDT - fire

Fire & Smoke Cleanup

The first 24 to 48 hours after a fire are crucial. ASDT takes care of the whole process, from fire & smoke cleanup to contents cleaning & full restoration.

Emergency Damage Restoration Services | Brentwood, TN | ASDT - mold

Mold Remediation

Our certified professionals are expertly trained to inspect for, contain, remove, and protect against mold growth in homes and businesses.

Emergency Damage Restoration Services | Brentwood, TN | ASDT - cata

Catastrophe Response

When disaster strikes, you need an emergency response team that can quickly arrive, assess, and assume control of the situation. We’re on call 24/7 to respond.

Damage Restoration Services

Emergency Damage Restoration in Brentwood, TN

An effective response is crucial for the success of any restoration project. This requires a committed team capable of accurately assessing the damage, developing emergency mitigation plans, and providing comprehensive support throughout the restoration process. Our primary objective is to take charge of emergencies, stabilize the affected property, and swiftly restore it to its full functionality.

With years of experience, mastery-level training accredited by the IICRC, and a proven track record of handling insurance claims, ASDT is the go-to emergency restoration company in the Southeast region that you can rely on. Regardless of the insurance company's requirements, we are determined to do what is necessary to ensure your safety and comfort. We will advocate for your rightful compensation and fight for what you deserve.


Our Damage Recovery Process

Step 1

Provide a thorough initial consultation

Step 2

Prepare a complete loss assessment and recovery plan

Step 3

Create estimates and comprehensive inventories

Step 4

Detail your losses to insurance

Step 5

Provide expert analysis to support your claim & advocate for you

Step 6

Complete your full-service restoration project

Recovery Services Near You

Commercial Recovery Services Near You.

In the event of a disaster, your entire business can be jeopardized, putting your employees, clients, and yourself at risk. The integrity of your business can also be compromised.

ASDT is committed to providing fast and efficient emergency response and recovery services, industrial carpet cleaning, structural drying, inspection services, and other solutions to various industries. Our licensed, insured, and highly trained contractors utilize the latest technology and equipment to ensure your safety and help you resume your business operations swiftly.

Explore our industries
IICRC Certified
RIA | Restoration Industry Association
Coalition of Disaster Responders
Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce
Greater Nashville Hospitality Association
Hospitality TN
Rutherford County Chamber of Commerce Tennessee
EIA | Environmental Information Association
Wholesale Remediation & Restoration Equipment

Wholesale Remediation & Restoration Equipment Rental

At ASDT, we pride ourselves on the relationships we build with subcontractors and other restoration professionals throughout the country. Once disaster strikes in your area, the demand for remediation and restoration equipment soars. When you need a helping hand acquiring the latest equipment, you deserve a partner that will provide timely, honest, and reliable service so you can do the job right.


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